Louise Duclos

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Louise Duclos

Mortgage Real Estate Broker
7655, Newman
Bureau 306
Lasalle , QUE , H8N1X7
Telephone. : 514-704-8054
Fax : 514-666-6540

Maximize your savings with Multi-Prêts Mortgage Brokers!, Did you know that a 1% rebate on your mortgage interest rate often translates into several thousands of dollars in savings?At Multi-Prets, we go through
20 lenders
to find you the best possible mortgage rate on the marketBenefit from our free expertise!*Get professional advice when the time comes to pick a loan term, choose an amortization period, or decide about other technical aspects of your next mortgage.

Facilitate the real estate research! Get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan and lock in a rate for up to 120 days.

Maximize your savings when transferring or renewing you loan taking advantage of our thorough knowlegde of lenders products, procedures and conditions.

* purchases and residential mortgages only.
Some conditions apply, subject to change without prior notice.